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Shipping Law

Our experienced maritime lawyers advise and assist on all aspects of shipping law. We act for employers/employees, owners, charterers, P&I clubs, insurers, cargo owners, shipbuilders, financiers and all those involved in and affected by the shipping sector. Drawing on the expertise of international maritime services associates, Arif Jakobs' lawyers advise on all matters concerning:

Admiraltyin urgent casualty situations we advise ship owners, cargo owners, charterers, insurers and salvage companies on how best to protect their interests. Our specialist lawyers provide timely and effective legal advice and practical assistance in dealing with investigatory issues, witnesses/ evidence taking, crews and are experienced in managing uncertainties. We advise on cost-effective resolution of disputes, starting and defending claims, communicating with the relevant authorities and provide representation in official inquiries.

Charterpartiesour maritime lawyers regularly advise on the negotiation and drafting of the contracts terms between ship owners and charterers. Examples include bareboat, contracts of affreightment, voyage and time, the terms of which are usually detailed and contain special jargon. We are often instructed on charterparty disputes in Courts or in Arbitration proceedings in London as most charterparties are governed by English law. We regularly advise on the interpretation of charterparty terms, for example termination rights, unsafe ports, failure to pay freight or hire, ship personnel and duties, bills of lading, off-hire, ship inspection, delay and fuel – this means that we can advise on best options in bringing or defending any potential or actual claims under the charterparty terms.

Dispute Resolutionour lawyers regularly help resolve disputes by advising on informal negotiations if possible or in more formal proceedings, i.e. mediation, arbitration or by litigation. Our overall aim is to help resolve disputes in a timely, practical and cost-effective manner. Mediation is a popular and usually cost-effective alternative dispute resolution procedure and Courts expect parties to have considered it before resorting to litigation. If Court proceedings are required, our experienced advocates offer effective representation in Court or in arbitration until final disposal; and can advise on enforcement of a judgement or award if it has not been settled.

Hull and P&I Insurance - we advise on all aspects of hull and machinery insurance, which covers damage to the ship, and protection and indemnity insurance for the wider uncertain risks faced by ship owners. We regularly advise on drafting terms of insurance, the meaning of terms and scope of cover and potential claims and liabilities.

Purchase and Sale transactions - our lawyers advise on, negotiate and draft ship purchase and sale contracts (which are usually based on the standard ‘Norwegian Saleform’). Our lawyers have significant knowledge and experience of the various contracts and offer not only legal expertise but also commercial and practical insight in helping clients close deals as effectively as possible. If disputes arise, our dispute resolution lawyers can advise on resolving disputes as amicably and cost-effectively as possible.

Asset Finance - we provide lenders and borrowers expert advice on their rights and obligations in all forms of ship finance including special corporate structures for asset ownership, joint ventures, leasing transactions, syndicated loans, purchase/ sale contracts and mortgages. We also advise on re-mortgaging/ financing and debt restructuring.

Yachts and Superyachtsour yacht specialists advise on all aspects of yacht sale and purchase contracts, insurance, newbuilding, finance, crews, and VAT & Customs. Additionally, we can advise on yacht casualties, claims and the resolution of disputes.