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International Trade 

We advise and assist on all aspects of international purchase/sale agreements including:

  • Contractual matters – jurisdiction, choice of law, responsibilities of the parties, place and time of delivery, passing of property and risk in the goods, providing documentation
  • Negotiating, reviewing and drafting contracts and charter party terms (standard trading terms/GT&Cs)
  • Documentation – shipping/ transportation inc. bills of lading and waybills, commercial invoices, policies of marine (or air) insurance, import/export licences, certificates of origin, packing lists or inspection certificates
  • On and off shore storage facility contracts
  • Responsibilities for contract performance and nomination
  • Multimodal and container transportation
  • International Chamber of Commerce Incoterms 2010 – e.g. Ex Works, Free Carrier, Free Alongside Ship, Free On Board, Cost and Freight and Cost Insurance Freight etc.
  • Dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration and litigation

Further, we advise and assist on the financing and security arrangements for international sale contracts, including but not limited to:

  • Collection arrangements
  • Payment methods
  • Negotiable instruments
  • Bills of exchange
  • Documentary credits or Letters of Credit – inc. standby and revolving credits
  • Autonomy of Letters of Credit and
  • Doctrine of strict compliance and the fraud exception
  • Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (‘UCP 600’)
  • Export prepayment financing facilities
  • Functions of banks
  • Duties and liabilities of banks
  • Dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration and litigation

Furthermore, our dispute resolution and litigation lawyers, who are regular advocates in the commercial and admiralty courts, advise and assist on the full range of commercial disputes. We are regularly instructed to advise clients on:

  • Identifying and reacting to breaches of contract
  • Quality determination, contamination and ‘off–spec’ claims
  • Late shipment/delayed arrival
  • LOC documentary compliance
  • Demurrage under both charters and sale contracts
  • Assessing and presenting quantity, quality and demurrage claims
  • Crisis management and emergency response
  • Sanctions
  • Enforcement proceedings

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