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Civil Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We provide a continuous service from negotiating settlements informally and using Alternative Dispute Resolution methods (e.g. Mediation) to Advocacy in Court through to enforcement. Our focus is to advise on strategic and litigation risks while keeping costs to a minimum.

Our Litigation specialists advise and assist on:

  • Contract Disputes e.g. Commercial, Finance, Consumer, Supplier, Trade, Partnership, Property and Advertising/ Marketing; funding schemes include 'no win- no fee' agreements – see below
  • Professional Negligence e.g. acting for Claimants or Defendants in claims against Architects, Bankers, Builders, Surveyors, Veterinary Surgeons, Accountants and Lawyers; funding schemes include 'no win- no fee' agreements
  • Property Disputes e.g. claims for property ownership or beneficial interests, applications before the Land Registry/ Tribunal and claims under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996
  • Employment Law acting for Employer or Employee; advising and assisting on internal disputes, redundancy and compromise agreements; and providing Litigation support (also see separate page Employment Law)
  • Landlord & Tenant acting for Tenants, Landlords or Lenders; mortgage re-possessions and possession proceedings; rent arrears issues (also see Landlord & Tenant)
  • Equine Law Personal Injury work, Contractual disputes (between traders and manufacturers of equine products), Veterinary Negligence and Liability under the Animals Act 1971
  • Probate (Contentious) advising executors and beneficiaries in challenging or defending the validity of a Will
  • Personal Injury all claims including loss of earnings, medical expenses, pain and suffering: funding schemes include 'no win- no fee' agreements – see below (see separate page Personal Injury)
  • Insolvency/Bankruptcy acting for Creditors or Debtors in Individual and Corporate Insolvency matters; e.g. presenting Winding Up Petitions and Statutory Demands (also see separate page Insolvency)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution assisting parties to a dispute to come to a negotiated settlement short of litigation by engaging in dispute resolution processes, e.g. Negotiation, Conciliation, Mediation or Arbitration
  • Debt Collection continuous service from sending pre-action letters to advising and representing clients in Court through to enforcement (also see Debt Collection)
  • Advocacy/ Agency & Court Work we can carry out agency work in respect of Family Law and civil and commercial litigation matters, from issuing proceedings to advocacy in all County Courts across London and in all divisions of the Royal Courts of Justice
  • Enforcement assisting on applications for execution against goods by County Court Bailiffs or High Court Enforcement Officers, Charging Order applications, Third Party Debt Orders, Oral Examination applications, Attachment of Earnings Order applications, Statutory Demands/Petitions for Bankruptcy/ Winding Up Petitions, Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

Litigation Funding

Private Funding - Fees are paid by you from personal or company funds. Our hourly rates start from £95.

Before-The-Event Legal Expenses Insurance (or ‘BTE’) - A pre-existing insurance policy which provides cover for legal fees and expenses. This will often be part of your car, buildings and/ or contents insurance policies.

After-The-Event Legal Expenses Insurance (‘ATE’) - ATE is taken out after a dispute has arisen insuring a party to a dispute against the risk of having to pay their opponent’s costs. Payment of the ATE insurance premium is usually deferred until the conclusion of the case and if the case is successfully settled or won is paid by the losing opponent. The insurance policy provides indemnity for the full cost of the premium, so if the case is lost, the insured does not have to pay anything.

Conditional Fee Agreement (‘CFA’ or ‘no win/no fee’ contract) - An agreement, commonly backed by ATE, where we agree to carry out work for a reduced or no fee, in return for an uplift of our fees upon successful conclusion of the action.

Contingency/ Damages Based Agreements - In some cases we can enter an agreement by which we carry out work in return for a fixed proportion of the compensation paid out by a losing party.

Third-Party Funding - Where a third party supports a case for a proportion of the damages and costs awarded.

If you need further information about your funding options please call us on the number above for a no-obligation discussion or send an email to us at