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Money claims online

If a debt is not settled amicably then court action can be taken. This can be started online - a Government Gateway ID is issued when registering for the service.

APPLY online


Opt for ‘register as an organisation’ or ‘register as an individual’ on the Money Claim Online homepage and then enter the Government Gateway ID provided.

The service is for over 18s and can be used to claim:

  • a fixed sum under £100,000
  • against no more than 2 organisations (firms, companies etc.) or individuals

The service can be used from anywhere in the UK, but only against people with an address in England or Wales. Note that a court fee is payable using a debit/ credit card.

The service is for debt claims only and cannot be used for e.g. compensation claim for a personal injury or claims for harassment, recovery of a tenancy deposit from a landlord etc.

For further information contact:

Money Claims Online:  T: 0300 123 1057 or 01604 619 402

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